The most serious problems for Russia Turkey will create in Ukraine

The discussion that starting in 2014, Ukraine has finally turned from a relatively independent “post-Soviet” state into a country under external administration and is either a colony or a protectorate of its Western “friends” has long ago become commonplace. Recently, however, the destiny of the “nesalezalezhnaya” is increasingly visible not even as the backyards of the European Union… Read More »

Scotland will pass legislation on free gaskets and tampons

Scotland is preparing to become the first country with free gaskets and tampons. The relevant law will be considered today in the local parliament, notes The Independent. It is about the final discussion of the bill, which is called “Bill of Goods for Monthly”. According to it, the government is obliged to provide free access to hygiene products… Read More »

“Challenge Moscow’s claims”: the U.S. named the purpose of the destroyer’s invasion of Russian waters.

On November 24, 2020, a military incident occurred in the Peter the Great Bay, the largest in the Sea of Japan. The Admiral Vinogradov BPC of the Russian Navy literally drove away from an uninvited USS Arley Burke-type destroyer of the USS John S. McCain (DDG-56), which violated Russian territorial waters. The Americans have already reported the purpose… Read More »

The United States imposed sanctions against three Russian organizations

The U.S. has imposed sanctions on three Russian organizations. This follows from a report by the U.S. State Department that was published on the website of the Federal Register on Tuesday, November 24. As it follows from the document, restrictive measures were applied against Aviazapchast, Elekon, and Nilco Group, as well as their subsidiaries. Now the U.S. government… Read More »

U.S. Navy destroyer John McCain did not violate internationally recognized borders during his operation in the Far East

The U.S. Navy destroyer John McCain did not violate internationally recognized borders during his operation in the Far East. A corresponding refutation of the invasion of Russian waters on Tuesday, November 24, published on its website, the U.S. Seventh Fleet. As emphasized by the Fleet Command, Operation John McCain was designed to show that the U.S. does not… Read More »

WHO recognized the failure of vaccines to stop coronavirus

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized that vaccines cannot fully stop the spread of coronavirus infection. Hans Kluge, Director of the organization’s European regional office, told about this. “Although the vaccines will not completely stop SOVID-19 and will not be the answer to all our questions, they offer great hope in the war against this virus,” he… Read More »

Another country wanted to buy Russian coronavirus vaccine.

Another country wanted to buy the Russian coronavirus vaccine. They asked for the vaccine from South Sudan. Ambassador of the African country Chol Tong Mayai Jang stressed that the deputy head of the South Sudanese Foreign Ministry arrived in Moscow in late August. He talked to his Russian colleague Mikhail Bogdanov. Then, the representative of South Sudan requested… Read More »