The EU recorded record economic growth

After a historic decline caused by pandemics and a massive lockdown, GDP growth has been the highest since the data was published. The eurozone economy grew by a record 12.7 percent in the third quarter of 2020 compared to the previous quarter. Also in all member states of the European Union, real GDP, including seasonal variations, increased by… Read More »

Lithuania protested Belarus

The note urges to explain the violation of the bilateral agreement and to guarantee that such violations will not occur again. On Friday, October 30, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania sent a note of protest to the Embassy of Belarus because of the decision of official Minsk to close the border crossing. On Thursday afternoon, Belarus… Read More »

UN: The Taliban are not living up to their commitment to break with Al-Qaida

Despite the Taliban’s promise to break ties with al-Qaida, the group remains “firmly present” in Afghanistan. This was announced to the BBC today, Oct. 29, by UN spokesman Edmund Fitton-Brown, coordinator of the Taliban, IS, and al-Qaida watchdog team (groups banned in Russia). According to Fitton-Brown, there is regular communication between two groups despite the agreement between the… Read More »

Google will get rid of plastic by 2025

Google intends to abandon the use of plastic in the packaging of its “iron” products. This will happen by 2025, according to the official search engine blog. The corporation is not going to stop at the packing. Thus, the back panel of the recently introduced smartphone Pixel 5 is made of recycled aluminum, and the smart speaker Nest… Read More »

In Spain due to coronavirus the emergency was prolonged till May 2021.

The resolution does include the possibility of reviewing the state of emergency in March. Also, the prime minister was obliged to report on the situation to parliament every two months. The Spanish Parliament approved the government’s proposal to declare a state of emergency in the country until May 9, 2021. This was reported by RTVE on Thursday, October… Read More »