The highest daily mortality rate since May has been recorded in the USA

Due to the increasing number of infections, the number of hospitalizations is also increasing rapidly. The U.S. recorded the highest daily coronavirus mortality rate since May and nearly 200,000 new infections on Wednesday. The number of patients hospitalized also approached a record number, exceeding 89,000. Authorities in many states have imposed restrictions to slow down the virus’s spread.… Read More »

Russian media posted a Facebook story about Navalny with a reference to a non-existent “German” edition.

The site itself Abendlich Hamburg appeared in March 2018 and from the first day’s copies of materials of the German edition of Russia Today. Russian mass media – “Komsomolskaya Pravda”,, “Sputnik” and “InosMI” website. – The independent Russian-language TV channel OstWest, which operates in Germany, found out about Alexei Navalny and his family with reference to a… Read More »

President Sandu will “kill” Dodon and “drown” the socialists – expert

Political analyst Victor Josu believes that the elected president of Moldova Maya Sandu will “methodically pursue” his former opponent in the elections Igor Dodon and “drown” the Party of Socialists. Today, November 26, the expert wrote about it on his page in the social networks, noting that it will be quite expected. According to Josu, “force majeure circumstances”… Read More »

Biden is urged to extend the U.S.-Russian arms treaty as soon as possible

Advisors to the President-elect propose a five-year extension of START 3 without any conditions Proponents of arms control are calling on Joe Biden to extend the last remaining U.S.-Russian treaty limiting the deployment of strategic nuclear weapons by five years, but some experts argue that the elected U.S. president must go for a shorter period to retain leverage… Read More »

Biden sees no prospects for Trump’s investigation.

The president-elect said he would focus on giving Americans back the confidence “that they can handle it. President-elect Joe Biden saw no serious prospects for investigating President Donald Trump after he left the White House. “I won’t do what the current president is doing and use the Justice Department as a tool to insist something happened,” Biden told… Read More »