113-pound woman lost 45 kilograms and revealed the secret of success

113-pound woman lost 45 kilograms and revealed the secret of success

A resident of the Canadian city of Toronto, Ontario, lost weight from 113 to 68 kilograms. Her secret of success was revealed by the edition Runners World.

32-year-old Gabriela Portillo has struggled with being overweight all her life. The situation worsened when she was about 20 years old and she entered the university. Portillo ate in a cafe, drank alcoholic beverages, and quickly put on extra pounds. Because of this, her joints, knees, and back ached.

The maximum weight of a Canadian was 113 kilograms. By this time, she had tried many diets and was desperate to lose weight, since each time the excess weight returned. Portillo pretended not to be bothered by her weight and tried to convince herself that it would always be that way. In 2020, the woman lost her job due to the pandemic. In April 2020, she was lying on the couch feeling sorry for herself, and in the end, she decided it was time to change her lifestyle. Portillo decided that she should try running again. This time, her main goal was not to lose weight, but simply to move more. She began to run short distances, gradually increasing them, and by May 31, 2020, she was able to run 10 kilometers.

Portillo now runs three to four times a week. She tracks her runs through a mobile app. In September 2020, the Canadian created her training plan with the goal of completing the first half marathon.

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Then she set herself the goal of running 160 kilometers every month. March 2021 was the fifth straight month that she met this goal. By May 31, Portillo plans to run a marathon.

For three years, the woman dropped 25 kilograms. After starting to run again during the pandemic, she shed her psychological weight loss goal and focused on healthy eating and movement.

“For many, 2020 has been a difficult year. I lost my job. My wedding had to be postponed. I had many reasons to give up, but I started running and it literally became my therapy. I run to clear my mind. I run to relieve stress. I run because it makes me happy! ” – she emphasized.

Earlier it was reported that a resident of London, UK, lost 38 kilograms in a year and three months using selfies. Every Monday she photographed her figure.