12 migrants found in truck in Belgium

The men from Syria and Sudan were in a refrigerator with fruits and vegetables. Police were called by the driver, who suspected that there were people in the trailer of his truck.
Twelve migrants were found in a truck parked in a car park along the Aude-Turnout motorway in Belgium. This is reported by RTBF on Wednesday, October 30.

Police were called to the car park on Wednesday night by a truck driver who suspected people were in their vehicle.

The police pulled 12 adult men from the truck carrying fruits and vegetables, then transferred them to the Foreign Affairs Department.

“Yesterday evening we got a call from the truck driver, who suspected that there were people in his refrigerator. As a result, we found 12 adult men from Syria and Sudan,” said Sarah Fredericks. All the migrants were found unharmed.

Last week, British police found a truck with 39 bodies in Essex County. The truck was originally supposed to be from Bulgaria and entered the UK last Saturday. Most likely, people died of hypothermia. The truck had sub-zero temperatures.

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A GPS report later revealed that the car was in French refugee camps in Dunkirk and Calais before heading to Belgium. The trailer was last recorded in Europe in the Belgian port city of Sebrugge on 22 October, before traveling to the British City of Purfleet.

Five people were arrested, including a 38-year-old man and a woman from Warrington and a 48-year-old man from Northern Ireland. All are suspected of trafficking and manslaughter and are in custody. The 25-year-old truck driver, Maurice Robinson, has been charged with 39 counts of involuntary manslaughter, human trafficking, facilitating illegal immigration and money laundering.