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A 120-pound woman lost 47 pounds and revealed her weight loss secret

An obese resident of Red Cliffs, Victoria, Australia, revealed the secret of how she managed to lose 47 pounds. The Daily Mail published the story of her transformation.

The 29-year-old mother of two, Victoria Bowen, gained weight during pregnancy and then ate high-calorie junk food and didn’t exercise. When she put on a weight of 120 kilograms, she realized she couldn’t fully enjoy time with her children and husband – for instance, playing with them in the park. She gave up sweets and started eating healthier meals. She now prepares a week’s worth of meals every Sunday that cost about 50 Australian dollars (about 3,000 rubles). She says this helps to motivate her and keep her from craving unhealthy foods.

She used to eat a lot of chocolate, potato chips, and takeaways. Now she prefers to start her day with oatmeal topped with strawberries, eat a traditional Mexican taco with rice and salad for lunch, and have a beef pita for dinner. As a snack, Victoria prefers vegetable chips, fruit, and a protein smoothie based on almond milk and bananas.

Through diet and exercise, Bowen has lost 47 pounds. “Food prep helped me lose the extra weight, as I had always preferred to eat takeout meals before,” she said. – By preparing food in advance, I know the composition and understand that it’s healthy food. I like to prepare meals in advance and I heartily recommend it to everyone. Victoria Bowen believes that making meals in advance helps to save time during the week and resist the temptation to eat junk food.

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In addition, Bowen takes daily walks with her sons and goes to the gym. According to her, after losing weight her life has completely changed, she feels more confident and happy.

Earlier it was reported that the resident of English county Durham, who lost weight up to 95 kilograms, lost 22 kilograms in four months and revealed the secret of her success. She changed her diet and tries to walk ten thousand steps a day.

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