17 people were killed in an attack in the Congo national Park

17 people were killed in an attack in the Congo national Park

Among the victims of the attack were 12 Rangers of Virunga Park, which is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site.

In the Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, an attack in North Kivu province killed 17 people, including 12 Rangers. This is reported by Xinhua on Saturday, April 25.
It is noted that the incident occurred in the Virunga National Park. A statement from local authorities said that 12 Park Rangers were the victims of the attack.

In addition, a jeep was burned, and four passengers and the driver were killed.
The incident is being investigated.
Virunga National Park is included in the UNESCO world heritage list. As a result of frequent armed clashes over the past 20 years, about 200 employees of the Park have been killed.

The day before in Congo, members of the Bundu dia Kongo religious sect attacked the homes of officials and residents in Central Congo province. Then 14 people were killed.
Earlier in the Congo, gunmen killed 23 civilians in the province of North Kivu in the East of the country. Then the attack was carried out by the Ugandan rebel group Alliance of democratic forces.

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