Astronomers have discovered a new Super Earth

Astronomers have discovered a new Super Earth

Planet Hunters discovered a rare new super-earth planet in the center of the galaxy. It has dimensions and an orbit, as at the Earth.
Scientists from the New Zealand University of Canterberry found a planet very similar to Earth in the center of the galaxy. A year on a newly discovered celestial body can last about 617 days, according to the website of the educational institution.

The planet is one of the few having dimensions and orbits, like Earth. It was discovered using gravitational microlensing.

“The combined gravity of the planet and its leading star led to the fact that the light from a more distant background star was enlarged in a special way. We used telescopes installed around the world to measure the effect of the bending of light,” Dr. Herrera Martin, one of the discoveries of the Super Planet, shared.

The weight of the planet varies between the masses of the Earth (5.972E24 kg) and Neptune (1.024E26 kg).

Experts believe that one year on the SuperEarth can last about 617 days.

Earlier it was reported that a unique planet was found, “generated” by a black hole. The first case in the history of astronomical observations was recorded at a distance of 250 million light-years from Earth.

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