The European Parliament revealed a massive data leak

By | May 17, 2020
The European Parliament revealed a massive data leak

In open access were confidential information and passwords, said Vice-President of the European Parliament on policy in the field of IT Marcel Kolaja.
Data 1.2 thousand employees and members of the European Parliament were in open access. The data breach also affected 15 thousand accounts of other specialists in European Affairs. This was stated by Vice-President of the European Parliament on policy in the field of IT Marcel Kolaja According to him, in open access were, including confidential information and encrypted passwords.

Kolya did not mention political associations, which were affected by the leak, but Politico writes that it was the largest political faction in the European Parliament – the European people’s party (EPP).

The representative of the EPP Pedro lópez de Pablo confirmed the data breach, including e-mail addresses and passwords, but called them obsolete.

According to him, these data were used by the subscribers of the site in 2018 on the old site of the EPP, and in 2019, the party launched a new website, server, and current database which was not injured.

“Now they are in no danger because in Parliament the system requires you to change your password every three months,” he said.

As several editions, the first leak was discovered in the Indian company Shadowmap providing services in the field of cybersecurity. Its founder Yash Kadakia said they discovered files with sensitive information over the Internet portal which is part of the domain of the website of the European Parliament and used by his officials.

According to him, the files contained information about thousands of people and their connections with political parties and institutions, including Europol, EU Agency for the security of external borders Frontex, and others.

Earlier media reported that hackers broke into the email of cancer of Germany Angela Merkel. The disposal of the criminals was 16 GB of personal correspondence of the Chancellor for several years.

Who said about the thousands of hack attacks a day

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