Tourists in Venice will ride gondolas in a new way

By | May 19, 2020
Tourists in Venice will ride gondolas in a new way

Compliance with a safe distance and limiting the number of passengers will be mandatory requirements.

Gondolas, which are traditionally used to transport tourists through the canals of Venice, will be back on the water on June 3. This was reported by the News Agency France press. According to him, since that day the city will be opened for tourists from EU countries. After rigid quarantine will not only gondoliers dressed in the famous blue and white striped t-shirts.

Required attributes will also be medical gloves and masks. The boats will be used tape to indicate where the passenger must be in compliance with the distance.

In the landing zone will be carried out disinfection before the rise of the passengers on board. In the gondola can be no more than six tourists.

Now the gondola took to the water for transportation of local residents. They serve, in particular the popular fish market of Rialto.

As previously reported, the lack of tourists because of the epidemic of the coronavirus positive impact on the purity of the Venetian canals. In the canals of Venice, the fishes and the dolphins.

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