Amy Klobushar may become a candidate for US Vice President

By | May 22, 2020
Amy Klobushar may become a candidate for US Vice President

Joe Biden is considering candidates for the position of Vice President — and the first time they can become a woman.

The last sentence of the election campaign sent former rival Biden’s presidential Senator Amy Klobuchar to write media. Analysts do not think this is the best choice and call it “anathema to the unity of the party”, although Klobuchar can help in attracting voters in the Midwestern States. Who else can become a “partner” Biden in the election

Former Vice-President of the United States Joe Biden, a potential presidential candidate from the Democrats — asked the Senator from Minnesota Amy Klobuchar pass the test to become a partner in the elections. According to CBS News, a specially selected group of trusted persons of the candidate will determine whether or not the Senator to run for Vice-President.

The verification process will be implemented by former Senator Chris Dodd, a member of the house of representatives Lisa blunt Rochester, mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti, and a long-time adviser to Biden Cynthia Hogan.

Its essence comes down to close scrutiny of the public and private life of the candidate for Vice-President, says The Hill, the experts will check the tax Declaration and public speaking the applicant, as well as explore his past on the subject of incriminating incidents.

Thus, the process reveals the weaknesses of the policy. But it is not known whether the answer Klobuchar at the request of Biden.

The Senator from Minnesota is not the only option for team Biden. To pass the test is offered to the senators from New Hampshire, Maggie Hassan, and Jeanne Shaheen and Congresswoman vel Demings.
Amy Klobushar may become a candidate for US Vice President
For U.S. history the Vice president of the country was occupied almost exclusively by men, so the decision of Biden to take his companions of the woman creates a precedent. Against this background, various analysts and experts have started to argue about who best might fit as a candidate.

Klobuchar — Senator with 13 years experience, which for eight years has worked as a Prosecutor. Policies are moderates like Biden that, in general, can help in the fight against independent and centrists in the Democratic party. Recently, however, the Democrats are in crisis because of the strong bias to the left. Progressive members of the party are popular with voters, and the choice Klobuchar unlikely to allow Biden to win them to his side. According to the consultant’s progressive movement Once Again PAC Norman Solomon, with a partner, the candidate will not be able to unite the party.

“It would be a mistake for Biden to choose Klobuchar his partner, someone like her is anathema to the unity of the party”, — said Solomon.

However, there are a number of factors that play in its favor as a possible partner Biden. First, she hails from the Midwest, where the Democrats have been trying to win a number of States the Republicans. In addition, Klobuchar has the support of centrist Democrats, said The Hill, which also makes it the best choice.

However, the aspect mentioned by Norman Solomon plays a significant role, and the possible loss of the left-wing will be a severe blow to Biden. To solve this problem, the choice in favor of the Senator from Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren, which relates to the progressive Democrats along with their leader a Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders.

As noted in the conversation, Professor, Faculty of law, HSE Alexander Domrin, a choice in favor of women in general, quite a strong move.

“I admit that Warren is one of the probable options. She is a moderate socialist, and it will allow Biden to reach out to its opponents, and also women voters,” — said the expert.

That the Warren candidacy is discussed at the headquarters of Biden, us media wrote more than once. Its main advantage, as already mentioned, will be a chance to unite within the Democratic party. This split in 2016, cost the Democrats the Oval office. Hillary Clinton supporters losing Sanders in the last election, from the point of view of some experts, have helped Trump to win. This time Biden is necessary to avoid this outcome or to minimize the risks. Opting Warren will attract the loyal part of Sanders voters, analysts say CNN, and thereby improve the position of Biden.

It should be noted that the candidate already has adopted some of the political ideas of the left-wingers. So, he expressed support for repealing the legislative provisions that complicate bankruptcy proceedings and agreed with the need for the abolition of student debt and expanding social security benefits.

In addition, Biden himself said that the ex-President Barack Obama advised him to take someone who can compensate for his weaknesses — kind of like Warren for this role.

However Klobuchar and Warren are not the only options for Biden, and the media differ in their assessments of the best choice. For example, the Washington Post commentator Jonathan Capehart sure that the presidential candidate should take to partner with the African-American. He explains his position that it is necessary to attract more voters, and also solves the problem with the States of the Midwest.

Among the contenders Capehart calls four names: Congresswoman Stacey Abrams and Val Demings, Senator Kamala Harris, and former U.S. Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice. Harris is more advantageous for Biden, the journalist believes since politics requires a fighter who is not shy about expressing his opinion. Candidates for vice presidents may not affect the outcome of the election, but they may excite the electorate, where votes are most needed to win the electoral college. Biden should ensure the arrival of African-Americans [to the polls] in November if he wants to win, ”Kapekhart emphasized.

All in all, Harris could be the one to help attract more African-American voters. Due to her popularity, she has long been involved in Democratic pre-election debates, mostly criticizing Biden fiercely.

Who exactly will become the “right hand” of a potential Democratic presidential candidate will be announced closer to the Congress of the Democratic Party, where Biden must be approved as a contender for the highest state post. The meeting should be held in August, but maybe rescheduled if the coronavirus pandemic continues in the United States.

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