Elon Musk does not believe in “fake” statistics on coronavirus in the USA

By | May 22, 2020
Elon Musk does not believe in

The businessman believes that the counts of infected people have become unreliable since mid-April.
Then patients with symptoms similar to COVID were taken into account. Tesla and SpaceX founder Founder Elon Musk is confident that estimates of the number of patients with coronavirus in the United States have become unreliable since mid-April when patients with symptoms similar to COVID-19 were added to the general statistics. He said this in an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek, which was published on May 22. I believe the statistics became unreliable when they started contributing those who did not confirm COVID with the test but simply set symptoms similar to COVID. The statistics became fake, probably somewhere in mid-April. Symptoms are similar to COVID, about a hundred. Essentially anything, “said Musk.
However, he indicated that there were no serious infections among SpaceX employees.
“SpaceX has continued to work all this time, as we are subject to national defense exceptions. We have had eight thousand full-time employees throughout the pandemic. And we have zero serious cases of infection or death, despite working in Los Angeles, Texas, Florida. About the same situation (in Tesla) in China, where there are seven thousand people, “said the businessman.
According to him, “when everything settles down, it will become obvious, all this was a much smaller problem than people thought.”
Earlier, Musk actively called for the speedy lifting of the restrictive measures introduced in the United States due to the pandemic. In particular, he said that he planned to move the headquarters and all-new Tesla projects from California to Texas or Nevada due to sanitary restrictions amid COVID-19.

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