At the G7 summit will discuss Ukraine – Merkel

Chancellor of Germany stated that the situation in Ukraine will be one of the important topics of the meeting “Big seven”. She also noted that the issue of Russia’s return to the group is not relevant.
The participants of The g-7 summit in French Biarritz will discuss, in particular, such topics as relations with Russia, as well as the issue of Ukraine. On Saturday, August 24, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said in her weekly podcast.

“Such a summit provides an opportunity… to talk about what foreign policy tasks we need to solve. Of course, we will talk about Ukraine, and we will talk about Russia, the situation in Syria and Libya, where the situation is very shaky, and further deepen our partnership with Africa,” Merkel said.

She also added that the speech at the G7 summit will focus on the topic of climate protection, fires in the Amazon.

And the message on the website of the German Chancellor noted that the return to the group of Russia at the moment is not relevant.

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“The return to the G8 format with Russia is not discussed yet. All G7 partners decided to remove Russia from the Group because of the annexation of Crimea in violation of international law,” the German government said.

At the same time, they noted that “the expansion of the group on the basis of common values is possible at any time with the consent of all G7 partners.”

G7 ambassadors wished Ukrainians peace and prosperity

Recall that today in France begins the G7 summit. The main priority of this year’s summit will be the fight against inequality.