“I say!” Trump has provoked a flash mob in the network

Users criticized Trump for what he writes on Twitter orders that are not included in the powers of the President. People began to publish humorous “orders”, using its wording.
The network began a flash mob in response to the senseless and officious “resolution” of us President Donald Trump, which he published on Twitter. It is reported by The Guardian on Saturday, August 24.

“I hereby order our great American companies to immediately begin searching for an alternative to China, including returning your company back home and manufacturing your products in the US,” Trump wrote on Friday, continuing his own economic war with China.

People reminded the President that he had no authority to give orders to a business, and began to share their comic “orders”.

“While we demand constitutional powers that we don’t have, I hereby order the President to stop tweeting,” one wrote.

“I hereby order our stock market to rise, and the already great economy to grow,” wrote another.

“I hereby order everyone on Twitter to order something real,” another user writes.

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People even introduced their Pets to the flash mob.

“Hereby we order to give us Goodies,” wrote the user and attached a photo of their dogs.

Earlier, Ivanka Trump was hit by a flurry of criticism for the photo from the vacation.

Recall, August 16 edition of The Wall Street Journal reported that trump thought about buying Greenland to strengthen our position in the Arctic.