In the Emirates, the wife filed for divorce because her husband is “too kind”

A year of their life together, they never quarreled, he even helped her around the house, cooked food, all was forgiven and given gifts. She says her life has turned into “hell.”
In the United Arab Emirates, a woman went to court to divorce her husband because his kindness had made her life a living hell. It is reported by Khaleej Times on Saturday, August 24.

The couple has been married for a year, and during this time there were no quarrels between them, and the man from time to time prepared to eat and helped around the house. Therefore, the disgruntled wife appealed to the Sharia court of the Emirate of Fujairah.
“I am overwhelmed by his excessive love and care. I want a real discussion, and even dispute, rather than it is absolute administering”, – explained his position wife.

She said in court that she dreamed of at least one day of a quarrel because her husband always forgave her and filled up with flowers. A man doesn’t feel guilty about anything.

“I want to be the perfect husband. It is unfair to judge marriage by the first year, and everyone can learn from their mistakes,” he said.

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The court adjourned the divorce case to give the spouses a chance to reconcile.

We will remind that earlier the richest people in the world are divorced.

It was also reported that Ukrainians marry five times more often than divorce.