Registered the first death after Smoking VAPE

22 people aged 17 to 38 caught respiratory diseases after using electronic cigarettes or vapes.
The Illinois Department of public health recorded the death of what is believed to be the first person in the United States who smoked e-cigarettes and was hospitalized with severe respiratory disease. This is stated in the message posted on the Agency’s website.

“The number of cases of hospitalization of people with severe respiratory diseases who smoked e-cigarettes registered by the Department has doubled only in the last week. In General, 22 people of the age group from 17 to 38 years have contracted respiratory diseases after using electronic cigarettes or vapes,” the Agency notes.

It clarifies the diagnosis of 12 more vaping users who have a cough, shortness of breath and fatigue. These symptoms worsened within days or weeks of patients being admitted to hospitals.

The U.S. centers for disease control and prevention reported that there were 193 reported cases of lung cancer in 22 States, allegedly caused by Smoking vapes. The number of such cases two days ago was 153 in 16 States.

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Earlier, the city Supervisory Board of San Francisco approved the introduction of a ban on the sale of electronic cigarettes in the city