The girl wrote to her dead brother and suddenly received an answer

A Reddit user with the nickname Ruthless0903 described how she unexpectedly received a message from a number belonging to her dead brother.

Ruthless0903 admitted that since her brother’s death on March 2019, she has continued to write to him frequently because she liked to think he could read it. In September, she texted him about how much she missed him, and suddenly received a reply: “I’m sorry to hear you miss someone, but unfortunately it’s the wrong number.”

The girl realized that her brother’s number had been given to another person and explained the situation to him. It turned out that the new owner of the room at the moment faced a similar situation, as his niece is at the death. He told the girl that he understood her, and offered to write to him whenever she wanted.

Ruthless0903 thanked the stranger, and he wrote in response that he was ready to listen to her thoughts and feelings about her brother. “Sometimes it just helps to think of good times,” he said. The girl, in turn, invited him to share his feelings, if he wanted.

In comments to the post, the user explained that her brother was a famous poker player named Michael Murray. He suffered from depression and heroin addiction for a long time.