NASA unveils inaccessible human-to-human “symphony” of Mars

NASA shared inaccessible human ears with sounds from Mars. The Red Planet Symphony was recorded by the InSight module, which is equipped with the supersensitive SEIS seismometer.

The American space agency NASA has published an audio recording of sounds of Mars inaccessible to the human anie. They were recorded by the InSight lander using a very sensitive SEIS seismometer.

NASA notes that if a person landed on the surface of the Red Planet, he would not hear anything. To hear the Martian symphony, you need to attach an ear to the very surface of the planet, and something, not ordinary, but a special “ear” that was supplied to the Module InSight.

We are talking about a seismometer, which scientists have specially created to record the sounds of Mars. They are produced by seismic waves “mars-shaking” that spread in the depths of the Red Planet. Their audio recording is available to listen to on NASA’s website.

For human hearing, the sounds of Mars resemble a barely audible rumble or rumble. In order for this sound to be heard through headphones, scientists had to properly process the recording on special equipment