S-500 tests held in Syria

It was reported that the most important elements of the Russian S-500 Prometheus air defense system have been tested in Syria. During the testing, they identified small problems in the work of the technique, which were quickly corrected.

According to Izvestia, citing sources in the Ministry of Defense and the military-industrial complex, the tests have already been completed and are considered successful.

“All the equipment before launching into the series must be rolled. It is tested in tough technical and climatic conditions and works literally for wear. Only this mode of operation can reveal flaws. After that, all breakdowns and problems generalize, act and carry out work to eliminate them. Syria is well suited for such tests – it’s always hot, a lot of dust. In addition, the radar has to work around the clock – the situation in the country is turbulent and anti-aircraft gunners need to constantly maintain the radar field,” the newspaper quotes the former deputy chief of the Russian Air Force on the joint system. AIR Defense of the CIS Lieutenant General Aitch Bizet.

Earlier, the Free Press reported the news that terrorists in Syria do not abandon attempts to damage the Russian airbase “Hmeimim” using drones.