German media reported on the third shooting attack in a day

After the shooting outside the synagogue in Halle, unknown gunmen fired at a Turkish diner, media reported.
The gunman who carried out the shooting in the German Halle tried to attack a Turkish dinner. This was reported on Wednesday, October 9, tv channel n-tv citing eyewitnesses.

The alleged shooter reportedly tried to throw a pyrotechnic product at the establishment and opened fire on the display case. No one was injured as a result of these actions.

According to Der Spiegel, the investigation into the shooting in Halle was taken over by the Federal Prosecutor’s Office of Germany in Karlsruhe.

It is the Federal Prosecutor’s Office in Germany that is responsible for investigating terrorist acts.

The first shooting reportedly occurred outside a synagogue in Halle, killing two people.

Later it became known about the shooting in Landsberg, which is 15 km from Halle.

Police reported one detainee. Several people are believed to have been involved in the attacks.