In Germany, shooting outside a synagogue, there are victims

Unidentified gunmen opened fire in the town of Halle, killing two people. A special operation has been announced.
In the German city of Halle on Wednesday, October 9, there was a shooting near a synagogue, as a result of which two people were killed. According to preliminary data, two people died in Halle. Several shots were fired. The gunmen fled in a car,” the statement said.

Police asked citizens to stay in the apartments and avoid the neighborhood where the incident took place.

According to reports, there are two attackers. They were dressed in field uniforms, their faces covered with masks. They were armed with automatic weapons and, according to some reports, pistols. The city authorities declared a “special situation” in Halle. The police of the region are pulling all forces into the city. The emergency site on Humboldt Street has been cordoned off.

According to the Bild newspaper, the incident took place in front of the city synagogue. The newspaper also reports that an unknown person threw a grenade at the Jewish cemetery. According to the newspaper, after that, another shooting occurred in the town of Vidersdorf near Halle.

Police cordoned off the scene on Humboldt Street. Deutsche Bahn said on Twitter that it had closed a train station in the city in connection with the shooting.

Police later reported a shooting in the town of Landsberg, east of Halle. One person was also reportedly detained in connection with the shooting.

Earlier in the German city of Abensberg, one person was killed and another seriously injured in a shooting outside a supermarket.