NATO commented on the Turkish operation in Syria

The Alliance expects restraint from Turkey, which began bombing in Syria, reported Jens Stoltenberg.
NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said the alliance expects restraint from Turkey, which launched a military operation in northern Syria on Wednesday. He said this at a joint press conference with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, reports European Truth.

Stoltenberg said Turkey had informed NATO of the military operation. Commenting on the start of the military operation, he noted that Turkey has “legitimate security concerns because it has been subjected to terrible terrorist attacks.”

At the same time, he called for avoiding actions that could further destabilize the region.

“I look forward to Turkey acting with restraint and to ensure that the gains we have made in the fight against ISIL are not in jeopardy,” Stoltenberg said.

He expressed confidence that the operation in Syria would be “moderate and proportionate”.

Stoltenberg said he would discuss the issue with President Erdogan on Friday during a meeting in Istanbul.

Earlier today, Turkish President Recep Erdogan announced the start of the operation in Syria. Turkish aircraft and artillery began to strike a number of settlements. Kurdish-controlled.

The European Union has already called on Turkey to stop the military operation in Syria.