The man who filed a complaint against Trump worked for the Democrats – media

The whistleblower Donald Trump had “professional connections” with one of the Democratic candidates in the upcoming US presidential election.
The person who told about the violations in the conversation of the leaders of the United States and Ukraine had “professional connections” with one of the presidential candidates in the 2020 elections from the Democratic Party. This was stated by the Inspector General of the U.S. Intelligence Community Michael Atkinson in Congress on October 4, citing his sources reported by the conservative publication Washington Examiner on Wednesday, October 9.

“The inspector general said that (the informant) worked or had some kind of professional relationship with one of the democratic candidates,” said one knowledgeable source.

“The inspector general said that the informant had a professional relationship with one of the 2020 candidates,” said another source.

“Atkinson said that the informant disclosed that he was a registered Democrat and that he had previously had a working relationship with the current 2020 Democratic presidential candidate,” another source said.

According to three interlocutors, Atkinson did not identify the Democratic candidate with whom the informant had a relationship.

It is not clear what the working or professional relations between them were.

In a letter dated August 26, the Inspector General of the U.S. Intelligence Community reported that an anonymous informant about Trump’s pressure on Ukraine showed “some signs of a controversial political bias in favor of a rival political candidate.”

However, Atkinson noted that this did not change his decision that the complaint was credible, especially given the other information received.

Recall, in late September, U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the beginning of impeachment proceedings against Trump. The reason was a complaint by a U.S. intelligence official against the president, in which he accused him of trying to involve a foreign state in meddling in the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

The White House released a transcript of Trump’s conversation with Ukrainian President Vladimir Selensky in July. During the conversation, Trump complained to Zelinsky about the unjustified dismissal in 2016 of Attorney General Viktor Shokin, who was investigating corruption at Burisma. Biden’s son was on her board.