Windows got noise reduction function

By | July 15, 2020
Windows got noise reduction function

Residents of large cities every day are faced with the problem of sound pollution. The sounds of transport and production have a negative effect when on the street. There is no salvation from them even in their own apartment. One has only to open the window, they immediately burst into personal space. If you close the windows, the apartment becomes stuffy. The problem concerns a huge number of people and requires a solution.
Windows got noise reduction function
In Singapore, they approached its solution from a slightly different side – they developed a special window that can absorb noise. It works on the same principle as noise reduction in headphones. On the inner plane of the window are distributed 45 dynamic heads. A microphone is placed on the outside. As soon as a sound is heard, the level of which is higher than permissible, it is processed and reproduced by the speakers in antiphase. Thus, people in the room hear less annoying noise even when the window is fully open.

To understand how this invention is effective, a study was conducted. Scientists have created a test window with an area of ​​1 square. meter and measured the sound level behind it, reproducing such most disturbing sounds like the noise of trains, planes, and cars, having sound sources only 2 meters away. It turned out that their development suppresses about 10-12 dB, which is comparable to a closed window with one glass. The highest noise reduction efficiency was recorded in the range from 500 to 1000 Hz.

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