Temperatures in the Arctic have risen to record levels

By | August 13, 2020
Temperatures in the Arctic have risen to record levels

For the second time in a week, the temperature record was recorded by Russian polar explorers in the Arctic.
The Arctic recorded its highest temperature since 2013: 17.8 degrees Celsius. The previous record was last week – then the temperature was 17.1 degrees Celsius, according to the press service of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute.

The record was recorded by scientists at the Russian station Ice Base Cape Baranova, located on the archipelago of The Northern Earth.

“Between August 6 and 12, the maximum air temperature for the observation period from 2013 to the present was recorded. Maximum air temperature: 17.8 degrees Celsius,” the statement said.

Note that the average annual temperature in the Arctic is -40 degrees Celsius in winter and 0 degrees Celsius in summer.

As previously reported, the warming of the Arctic is 80 years faster.

Also Korrespondent.net wrote that according to scientists, in the Arctic over the next 35 years all the ice will melt. Climatologists believe that global warming exists and that it will radically change the face of the planet.