21-year-old rapper killed in Canada

21-year-old rapper killed in Canada

They started shooting at a rapper and his friend from a car. The musician died, two people were hospitalized.
In Canada, they shot dead 21-year-old rap artist Dimardgio Jenkins, known as Houdini. A fatal incident occurred in Toronto. The singer was shot at from a car. Two more people were injured, writes Toronto Sun.

The musician walked with a 15-year-old teenager. A blue Volkswagen Tiguan was parked at one of the buildings.

When the young people caught up with the car, they opened fire from the cabin, as a result of which Jenkins died, and his friend and a 27-year-old passerby were injured in the hospital. Eyewitnesses say that the rapper’s friend returned fire, but the police did not comment on this fact. It is also unknown if anyone was detained in connection with the shootout.

An insider notes that Houdini was linked to Young Buck Killas.

Jenkins became famous after his hits: Late Nights, Myself, and Backseats.

Also add that in recent months other rap musicians have been killed in Toronto: Fourty4Double0, 22 Filthy, Why-S, Bvlly.

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