Femen activists attacked the Belarusian embassy in Paris

By | September 12, 2020
Femen activists attacked the Belarusian embassy in Paris

The scandalously known Femen movement held an action called “Long live Belarus” right on the territory of the Belarusian embassy in Paris.

On the fence of the diplomatic mission women stretched a banner with the inscription “Long live Belarus”, and then, throwing off their clothes above the belt rushed to climb over the fence.

One of the activists, demonstrating good training, climbed the flagpole located in the yard of the embassy to change the canvas of the national flag to a white, red, and white flag of the Belarusian collaborators.

The activist managed to consolidate this red-and-white piece of cloth, which the Belarusian opposition declared a symbol of the struggle against Alexander Lukashenko’s “dictatorial regime. However, she did not manage to remove the Belarusian flag; either she was not strong enough or something scared her off. The embassy had two flags left hanging at once.
In solidarity with the free people of Belarus and in protest against the dictatorial regime of Alexander Lukashenko, Femen took the Belarusian embassy in Paris by storm to decorate it with the flowers of the revolution! – activist Inna Shevchenko tweeted under videotape.
When the video with this “feat” spread on the Internet, a rapturous howl rose in social networks among those who support the “revolutionaries” and “fighters for democracy.

The complete absence of any opposition to the half-naked activists, both from the French police and the Embassy’s internal security, which did not react in any way to the invasion, drew attention.

The Femen action in Paris also demonstrates how the appearance of the “Belarusian Revolution” is changing as it develops. It becomes more and more like a farce with grotesque characters.

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