“Let him die” – secretary Clinton wished Trump dead.

By | October 3, 2020

U.S. President Donald Trump, who contracted coronavirus disease, was wished to die as soon as possible. Press attaché Hillary Clinton named Zara Rahim noted this in social networks.
As the British edition of The Telegraph reports, after learning that the head of state was ill, she did not hide her sincere joy in this regard.

“I hope he dies,” the dark-haired Zara wrote on her Twitter.
The statement can be literally translated as “I hope he dies,” but to be more precise, this expression is used as a wish to die – “I hope he dies.

At the same time, this passionate tweet Rahim provided a lot of funny smileys. However, after a while, the tweet was removed – whether the author was poked, or maybe she realized that she had grabbed something wrong. But another tweet was left hanging.

“No, we wait for D E A T H (we wait for death),” he says.
It’s fair to say that not everyone in the Democratic Party hurried to publicly rejoice at the president’s illness and wish him to die soon.
The British professor reported that Trump is most likely treated with the Russian Sputnik V.
In particular, his rival in the presidential election Joe Biden promised to pray with his wife for the recovery of Trump himself and his wife Melanie.

Unfortunately, there were no political technologists near Zara Rahim who could explain to her that her inappropriate statements could only harm the Democrats and alienate part of the voters.

But the social network Twitter itself has already reacted to the whole story. According to the New York Post, representatives of the social network said they would block the pages of those users who in their posts want the U.S. president and his family dead.

Recall that Donald Trump was infected with coronavirus along with his wife Melanie. This was announced by the American leader on October 2.

As it was reported to TOP NEWS, on October 3 the head of American state was hospitalized – he will spend the nearest days in the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in the state of Maryland.