256 cases of the “British” strain of coronavirus were detected in Denmark

256 cases of the

The number of detected cases of infection with the “British” strain of coronavirus in Denmark is 256, an increase of nearly 50 cases in three days, the kingdom’s health ministry said, citing the Danish state serum institute.
“To date, 256 cases of the British B117 mutation have been identified in positive tests. On Jan. 13, the number was 208,” the ministry said.

It is noted that as of Friday the number of positive samples in 52.2 thousand tests was 659, thus the number of positive tests is 1.26%.
The authorities in Denmark, where on December 27 began vaccinating the population, are afraid of the spread of the “British” strain of coronavirus, so the kingdom has introduced stringent restrictive measures, which largely resemble lockdown: only grocery stores work, schoolchildren and students study remotely, closed bars, restaurants, theaters, cinemas, and sports centers. The measures are in effect until January 17, but the authorities did not rule out their further extension

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