Baltic States

The Baltic States have once again accused Russia of all possible sins

Members of the Baltic Council (an advisory body on cooperation between Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania) said that “Russia’s attempts to manipulate the historical events of World War II”. This is stated in the resolution on the results of the annual meeting of the organization

“This year we saw from the Russian side attempts to manipulate history, especially with regard to the beginning of World War II, its course and consequences. We strongly condemn such actions – for our countries, the end of World War II was followed by decades of Soviet occupation,” said the Baltic Council.
Representatives of the Baltic states also expressed their willingness to work on “strengthening NATO’s defensive and deterrent capabilities in the region, focusing, among other things, on the alliance’s expanded forward presence program, exercises, and air defense.

The Baltic Council noted that Moscow is allegedly “violating or selectively implementing international agreements on arms control while refusing to engage in constructive dialogue. The Baltic States called on Russia to “fully comply with international obligations, including under the Treaty on Open Skies and the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe.

In addition, the Baltic Council asked the international community to “resolutely respond to any provocative actions by Moscow and advocate the preservation of the territorial integrity of Ukraine and Georgia”. It is these countries that are supposed “targets of Russian aggression,” the organization’s members claim. In their view, “restrictive measures against Russia must be maintained until Ukraine’s sovereignty within its internationally recognized borders is fully restored.

Recall that in February, the Estonian parliament adopted a resolution condemning Russia’s position on World War II and accusing the Soviet Union of unleashing it.

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