Blinken - "superstar": Biden has decided on the candidacy of the US Secretary of State.

Blinken – “superstar”: Biden has decided on the candidacy of the US Secretary of State.

The collision of U.S. presidential elections has not yet been resolved, and Democr atic candidate Joe Biden is already announcing key appointments on his team. In particular, the U.S. media on Sunday announced the future appointment of Tony Blinken as head of the U.S. foreign ministry.

Biden’s chief of staff, Ron Klein, said the first appointments to the future Cabinet of Ministers will take place on Tuesday. Bloomberg, citing three people familiar with the appointments decisions, said the first candidate will be future Secretary of State Blinken, who served as Biden’s national security adviser to the Barack Obama administration. Blinken also served as deputy national security advisor and deputy secretary of state in the Obama administration.
Klein also admitted that the Trump administration’s refusal to grant access to the state apparatus of the Biden transition administration affects planning, including the process of determining the composition of the future cabinet.

Bloomberg also reported that Jake Sullivan, former chief assistant to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, is likely to be appointed by Biden as his national security adviser.
The diplomat Linda Thomas-Greenfield is expected to be appointed U.S. ambassador to the UN.

Commentators note that Blinken’s selection allows Biden to bypass potentially sensitive issues that might arise when the Senate approves two other likely candidates from the preliminary staffing list. These are the famous black hole, Susan Rice, and the lesser-known Democrat Senator Chris Koons. Rice would face significant opposition from the Republican Party and a likely Senate rejection. She has long been a target of Republicans, including for statements she made after the 2012 American assassination incident in Benghazi, Libya.

Kuns’ transition from the senate to the State Department would weaken the Democrats’ position in their upcoming struggle for a majority in the next Senate elections.

Meanwhile, Biden promised to build America’s most modern government in modern American history. Both he and his team often argued that their administration should “reflect” the whole of America. In a fit of progress, the Democrats should have expected among the appointments under the brand name “for the first time” a woman to head the Pentagon or the Treasury. Biden and his team might as well be expected to appoint an African-American to head the Pentagon or the Interior Ministry. As for the “curators” of foreign policy, as we can see, it is more or less serious.

Anthony Blinken (b. 1963) is a native of New York City and a graduate of a college in Paris. He is a graduate of Harvard Law School and Columbia University, these forges of the American elite. Blinken is now defined in the American media as a “veteran of diplomacy. But he is not a career diplomat. Blinken’s entire activity is an advisor and expert at various levels.

Prior to joining the Obama administration, Blinken worked as an aide to Senator Biden, who then chaired the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.

Previously, during the Clinton administration, Blinken worked in the Office of the National Security Council and served as Special Assistant to the President, Senior Director for European Affairs, and later for strategic planning. Blinken was President Bill Clinton’s chief foreign policy speechwriter.

After working for Obama’s administration, Blinken has served as “opinion leader” in the New York Times since 2016 and “global analyst” for CNN. In this capacity, he supported a hoax about the “Russian conspiracy” to influence the 2016 election.

Since 2002, Blinken has been married to Evan Ryan, Hillary Clinton’s former assistant when she was the first lady. In a late marriage, as often happens now, no children.

Thus, “President-elect” Biden has close ties with Blinken for the past 20 years. As we can see, in personal terms, Blinken is close to Biden, and through his wife – to Hillary Clinton.

In 2013, it was as if Biden had said this about Blinken after he switched from him – the vice president to President Obama: “Tony Blinken is a superstar, and this is no exaggeration. The president admitted it after four years of working with me and stole it from me. Blinken can do any job, any job.

The Wall Street Journal considers Blinken to be a “centrist in foreign policy. It considers Blinken to be a supporter of interventionist politics. But at the same time, he seems to be a supporter of an agreement with Russia, not a confrontation with it.
In Israel, it was noted with great satisfaction that the future likely American secretary of state under Biden – Blinken is an ethnic Jew and stepchild of a Jew who survived the Holocaust. Former Israeli ambassador to Washington, DC Michael Oren welcomed the news about the future secretary of state and stated that Blinken is a “true friend of Israel. In a recent interview with the Times of Israel, Blinken emphasized the commitment of the future Biden administration to Israel’s security and said it could review a massive arms deal with the UAE as part of maintaining Israel’s quantitative military superiority.

“One of the things that really shaped … Israel’s longstanding support for the vice president of Israel and his security is the lesson of the Holocaust,” Blinken said earlier this month commenting on the principles of future president Biden’s policy in the Middle East.

The New York Times said Blinken and future national security advisor to the president, Sullivan, are “good friends with a shared world view. Sullivan has served in the highest echelons of the democratic political establishment. He worked for Hillary Clinton as her secretary of state and then moved to the White House to work for President Obama. During the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton in 2016, Sullivan was her foreign policy advisor. After his defeat, Clinton Sullivan taught at Yale University.

Meanwhile, Biden is already thinking about the upcoming inauguration on January 20, 2021. His chief of staff, Klein, believes that the ceremony “should definitely be changed” because of the coronavirus.

The inauguration usually includes a traditional procession down Pennsylvania Avenue, a speech by the president and vice president at the Capitol, and a lunch with legislators at the Capitol Rotunda. Numerous balls are held throughout Washington. All these events are attended by thousands of people, some of whom come to the capital on purpose. All this will have to be replaced by remote events.

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