29 dollars – the new price of the old Google Home

29 dollars - the new price of the old Google Home

When choosing which smart speaker to buy at home, over the past 4 years, many have settled on Google Home. She lives in her smart assistant Google Assistant able to help in many matters at the request of the owner. At the same time, the column differs in quite good sounding and was relatively inexpensive at the start of sales – only 129 dollars.

Now you can buy a Google Home column (you won’t believe it!) For just $ 29. It is at this price that the gadget is offered to customers in the retail networks Best Buy, Walmart, and Target. The price has been reduced to the level “cheaper only for nothing”. But why?! Of course, all this “attraction of unprecedented generosity” is not just like that.

Experts believe that, therefore, retailers simply get rid of stocks in warehouses. This is most likely done before the start of sales of the new version of the corporate column of the “good corporation”, which, according to information from insiders, maybe called Google Nest Home. Presumably, the release of new items will take place no earlier than the end of May.

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Given the price of Google Home, the smart column may remain quite relevant after the official presentation of Google Nest Home. Therefore, it makes sense to think about buying it now, until stocks have run out.