37 Italian doctors die from coronavirus | TOP-NEWS

37 Italian doctors die from coronavirus

As of March 26, more than 74 thousand cases were recorded in Italy, more than 7.5 thousand of them were fatal.
In Italy, during the epidemic, COVID-19 became infected with coronavirus and 37 doctors have already died. This was reported by the press service of the Italian Federation of Medical Specialists on Thursday, March 26.

“The number of doctors in Italy who died from coronavirus has increased to 37,” it was informed.

At the same time, today in Italy recorded more than 74 thousand cases, more than 7.5 thousand deaths.

On the eve of Italy, there were almost 700 new victims of COVID-19. The fifth consecutive day in Italy, the number of newly registered infections has been falling – in a day it has increased by 3491 people. Also, more than a thousand have recovered.

It was also reported that in Italy a medic committed suicide out of fear that she was a peddler of COVID-19. The nurse was diagnosed with coronavirus and sent her home to self-isolation. The woman was worried that she could infect others with the virus, and committed suicide.

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