37% of voters took part in the elections in Ukraine

37% of voters took part in the elections in Ukraine

Turnout for the local elections, which took place in Ukraine on Sunday, was approximately 37%, said the chairman of the CEC Oleg Didenko.

“As of 22:00 (23:00 Moscow time), the CEC received data from 97% of the territorial election commissions. According to these data, the turnout was 37%. Under quarantine conditions, there is a tendency when the turnout decreases by about 10%,” he said.
Didenko noted that this figure is almost 10 percentage points less than the turnout at local elections in 2015, which was 46.6%. The highest turnout, according to the CEC head, was recorded in the Ternopil region (46.77%), while the lowest – in the Donetsk region (31.67%).

Violations recorded during the voting in the local elections in Ukraine on Sunday did not significantly affect the process of expression of will, said Didenko.

“In general, according to the information available to the CEC, we can state that there were violations at the polling stations and around them, but still they were not of a mass and systematic nature and did not significantly affect the voting process. We hope that in the future they will not affect the election results,” he said.
On Sunday, local government elections were held in Ukraine. The polling stations worked all over the country, except for the part of Donbas, which is not under Kyiv’s control, and several districts adjacent to the line of contact.

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