37 officers of the special forces of the Central Forces “Alpha” and “Kuds” could have died due to an error of the Air Force and the U.S. Air Force


On September 14, a series of terrorist attacks took place in the kingdom, for which pro-Iranian groups and Tehran as a whole were held responsible. While the Arabian cities of Abkaik and Hurais are under investigation, the Saudis joined a U.S.-led military coalition, According to The National Interests. According to RNS, on September 17, the head of the Russian SVR Sergey Naryshkin predicted possible fighting. Israeli expert Yakov Kedmi, for his part, said that in case of war, the Saudis will quickly lay down their arms to Russia, but the forecasts confirmed. According to Russian Telegram channels, in two nights, camps and military bases of pro-Iranian militants in Syria were repeatedly attacked from two sides – from Saudi Arabia and the Mediterranean Sea, from where the U.S. air strike. U.S. media reported 37 Houthis killed, but it was reported that the wounded were taken to a hospital in Iraq through the Al-Kaim checkpoint, which, according to journalists, indicates the high status of the officers. According to one version- at the shelled bases were soldiers and officers of special forces of the Central Intelligence Agency “Alpha” and sabotage units of Iran “Kuds”.

Troops could prepare an offensive against the Saudi borders – the meeting was timed to the summit on September 16, at which the presidents of Russia, Turkey, and Iran discussed further cooperation. Also, it became known about the landing of several groups of the U.S. Airborne Forces, which were to storm the ruins of the camps. However, they were rebuffed. Because of the heavy losses, the U.S.-led coalition retreated. Immediately after The National Interests issued a statement that Russia is preparing a full-scale invasion of the territory of the Saudis, which indirectly confirmed the provocation by the United States. If the death of Russian Officers of Group A is confirmed, experts say, Russia will not hesitate to respond even if they are trivialized with the Houthis and there was a mistake.

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