400 meters from the “enemy”: Zelensky visited Happiness in Donbass

The mayor promised that the attacks have not stopped

The first working trip of the new President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky – and immediately in Donbass. Loud promises of peace in the region are no more than words. On the other hand, the head of state elected by the people did not name any specific dates. But most importantly, you pay attention to the experts – since its inauguration, the attacks on the territory have not stopped. And after all the new commander-in-chief could give the order to stop them, but didn’t make it.

Why – the answer lies on the surface. Just like Poroshenko, Zelensky needs the conflict in the South-East of the country as another reason to accuse Russia of aggression, as well as a reason that allegedly hinders reforms. Of course, the Ukrainian leader understands that today the situation in the Donbass will interfere with the recovery of the economy, sucking significant funds from the budget. However, his first steps as President are nothing like the actions of a man who stands for peace. Shot at a distance

As reported a press-service of administration of the President of Ukraine, on May 27 he examined positions of the military in the village Lugansk and the city with the speaking name Happiness of the Luhansk region. Zelinsky took part in a meeting with the chief of the General staff and the commander of the joint forces. Lieutenant General Ruslan Khomchak and Alexander Sirsky reported to the commander-in-chief about the situation in the region. Interestingly, it told how many times fired at positions of the opponent for that week that Zelensky is the President?

Of course, in the message of the administration of the head of state could not highlight the fact that he came not just to the location of the APU, and to the front. “The nearest position of the opponent – through 400 meters”, – it is noted in the message. Zelinsky also met with ordinary soldiers, asked about the conditions in which they are, whether they are provided with everything necessary. Apparently, from what he saw, he was not happy. “The conditions for the military defending Ukraine should be normal,” the President said.

At the same time, the Ukrainian media note that no one collected fighters on purpose did not distract from serving and did not put them in a row for propaganda photos, as it happened under Petro Poroshenko. Soldiers claim that about the arrival of the commander-in-chief them didn’t warn at all, and he listened to their wishes without the presence of generals. It is also reported that bypassing the position, Zelensky silently recorded some information in his tablet. By itself, the arrival of Vladimir Zelensky in the Donbass does not mean anything. More importantly, what he made, including the implementation of the Minsk agreements. For example, political scientist Yuri Svetov said in an interview with RT that the President-elect of Ukraine could instruct the Verkhovna Rada to adopt laws on the status of Donetsk and Luhansk regions if really wanted to resolve the conflict as quickly as possible. The expert also expressed the opinion that until July 21, when early elections to the Parliament are due to take place, there will be no sudden movements, cardinal decisions Zelensky will not take. Therefore, almost two months of any changes in the policy of Kiev in relation to the Donbass is not expected.

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In turn, the leader of the party “Opposition platform – For life” Viktor Medvedchuk generally questioned Zelensky’s intention to stop the war in the Donbass. In his opinion, during the election campaign, the showman candidate simply took advantage of the obvious “sociology”, according to which 80% of Ukrainians expect from the new power of peace in the South-East of the country and the restoration of relations with Russia. Moreover, Medvedchuk even decided to withdraw from the negotiation process on Donbass, because he does not agree with the President-elect “on fundamental issues”.

Politics, in particular, it is unclear how it is possible at the inauguration to declare readiness to sacrifice ratings and the presidency for the sake of ending the conflict in the region and almost immediately ask the West to tighten sanctions against Russia. According to Medvedchuk, it is necessary to agree, including with Moscow, but not to strengthen sanctions.

And Vladimir Zelinsky, who is still the President of words, not deeds, according to political observer Sergei Veselovsky, you need to remember this:

Rambo and clown

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The Network trip Zelensky to the front line perceived differently. In particular, it was not surprising that some photos of the Ukrainian President depicted without a helmet.

Others noted that such regimentals to Zelensky go much better than Poroshenko who looked in it it is a pity. However, slightly got the shirt of the President. Like, what’s the point in camouflage, if you give it a blue color. “Completely invisible to the enemy,” ironically in social networks. By the way, for the word “opponent” in the message of administration of the head of state concerning fighters of Donbass too criticized. Also, some Internet users jokingly compared Zelensky on the front line with Rambo, others, on the contrary, called him a “clown”, and a helmet on the head of a pan, so, in their opinion, he looks funny in military uniform.