6G speed revealed

According to experts, 6G will be faster than 5G a thousand times. The speed of data transmission in sixth-generation networks can reach one terabit per second, according to PhonAndroid.

The speed of 6G was revealed by the University of Sydney doctor Mahyar Shirvanimoghaddam. The expert predicts that the new standard of communication will open up new kinds of technologies for mankind and will revolutionize technological progress. In particular, according to Shirvanimogaddam, high integration of technology and the human brain will be achieved.

According to the expert, communication in the sixth generation networks will reach a speed of one terabit per second or eight thousand gigabits per second. This is about eight thousand times faster than the 5G data speed. The expert believes that at this speed in one second it will be possible to download 142 hours of high-quality video.

The expert’s conclusion says that many obstacles will have to be removed in order to achieve high speed. In particular, engineers will have to change the computer architecture and solve the problem of high heat of materials, with which the 6G infrastructure will be built.
As of early 2020, 5G is not sufficiently developed for commercial use of global infrastructure.

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At the end of January, it became known about Japan’s plans to launch a sixth-generation network by 2030. The report says that the development of 6G will allow building a new society in which priority will be given to the rapid transmission of data.