82 people injured in clashes in Lebanon’s Tripoli

82 people injured in clashes in Lebanon's Tripoli

The Lebanese Red Cross reported 82 casualties during Wednesday’s clashes between demonstrators and law enforcement officers in the northern city of Tripoli.
“Fifteen injured were taken to hospitals, another 67 were treated on the spot,” it said in a message on Twitter.
Earlier, the Interior Ministry said demonstrators threw live grenades at police officers, wounding nine officers, one of whom is in serious condition.
The Lebanese TV channel Al-Jadid reported that at least one person among the demonstrators was shot.

Rioting and clashes between protesters and police continue for the third day in Tripoli. Citizens who took to the streets are demanding action to improve living conditions and lift curfews imposed because of a new outbreak of the coronavirus. The protesters accuse the authorities of inaction and starvation of low-income families.
Lebanon has been in a state of deep economic crisis for more than a year, the banking system remains almost completely paralyzed, the national currency continues to fall against the dollar, the purchasing power of citizens is falling, against which the criminal situation in the entire republic has sharply worsened. More than half of the population has fallen below the poverty line and lost their jobs. An epidemiological state of emergency, declared on December 14, obliged all private and state enterprises to close down after a new outbreak of coronavirus in the country. The authorities, in turn, are unable to take action due to the lack of a government, which is necessary to carry out effective reforms and negotiate international loans to begin the recovery of the economy and lead the country out of the crisis. The situation is aggravated by the presence in Lebanon of about 2 million refugees from Syria and Palestine out of a population of 4.5 million.

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