A cat was found in the USA that was lost ten years ago

By | July 22, 2020
A cat was found in the USA that was lost ten years ago

At an animal shelter in Utah, a cat was found missing ten years ago, UPI reports.
Recently, a person who wished to remain anonymous brought a stray cat to the shelter and said that he fed him for a long time until he was about to move to a new place of residence.
The shelter employees scanned the microchip and, using the contact information, contacted the man, sending photographs of the animal. He recognized him as Mocha, his daughter’s cat, who had run away from home ten years ago. Then she was still a teenager. The grown-up daughter came to the shelter for her pet.
This story serves as a great reminder of the importance of chipping your animals.
“Any emaciated and scared stray cat may turn out to be someone’s favorite pet that disappeared many years ago. At home, someone worries about her, and then loses hope,” the staff of the shelter said.

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