A cat with COVID-19 was quarantined in Moscow

By | May 27, 2020
A cat with COVID-19 was quarantined in Moscow

This is the first confirmed case of a domestic cat coronavirus infection in Russia.
A five-year-old cat in Moscow was tested for COVID-19 and the result was positive. The animal was quarantined at the owner’s house, Interfax reported May 26.

As specified in the Rosselkhoznadzor, the owner of the cat requested to test the animal for coronavirus infection on May 18. Previously, the vet examined the cat.
Her swabs were taken from the mucous membrane of the larynx and nasal cavity. A test based on the PCR method showed a positive result, which was later confirmed in an additional study.
At the same time, the department emphasized that coronavirus is not transmitted from domestic animals to humans. There is also no complete scientific evidence about “whether the virus can be reserved in a feline population.” Therefore, no measures should be taken regarding animals.
Recall that scientists at the University of Wisconsin in Madison and the University of Tokyo found that cats are ill with COVID-19 asymptomatically, but with close contact they can infect humans and also transmit it to each other.
Previously reported that among domestic animals, coronavirus is most dangerous for cats.

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