A coronavirus epidemic could destroy our country the United States!

By | April 8, 2020
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I want to make a reservation right away: Schadenfreude is not for me. The fact that people continue to die all over the world and the fact that the economic consequences of the global quarantine, if it lasts more than a month, will be severe (this is what many analysts say, for example, Andrey Shkolnikov) do not allow us to seem optimistic. And yet, let’s take a look at what is happening today under our favorite Jankowski – geostrategically angle. (For reference: Geostrategy (geographical strategy) is a political science that defines the means and methods to achieve the geopolitical goal of a state or group of allied States — to preserve and increase the power of a state or Union of States, and in adverse conditions of crisis-to minimize damage and restore the original pre-crisis state). What do we see? And we are actually watching a live broadcast of the slow death and sinking of the great Titanic of modern times-the United States of America. It is the facts of recent days that allow us to talk about the “beginning of the dive” without any reservations like “highly likely” and so on. America is sinking and this process can no longer be stopped. It is strange that this is not obvious to everyone.

Already that morning when I woke up, I first get acquainted with fresh statistics on the number infected in the world and every time you feel cold, watching the growth of the number infected in the United States. Recently, experts and politicians often name two possible scenarios for the development of the epidemic in different countries: Chinese, that is, optimistic and Italian (now some researchers have begun to say – European), i.e. a more pessimistic version of the spread of the disease. They are either afraid or shy to talk about the American version. Meanwhile, as of April 3, 245 thousand infected with coronavirus and 6098 dead were registered in the United States. The increase in the number of infected people per day was more than 24,000! (at the time of publication, the number of infected and dead people was 277,965 and 7,157, respectively.- primas’.auth)In three weeks, the number of patients was twice the number of cases in Italy and three times the number of people who had a coronavirus infection in China. In terms of deaths, the American figures exceeded the Chinese almost twice, and there is no doubt that the Italian record will be broken, and very soon, there is no doubt. What will happen next, you ask? I’ll tell you what happens next… The US health system is no longer coping with an explosive increase in the number of cases.

She, frankly, has never been particularly humane, which is why nearly 30 million Americans do not have health insurance, and women in labor are forced to go to work two weeks after giving birth. Health care in the United States, as well as most areas of life In the country of the setting sun, is focused on maximum squeezing money out of customers. Any low-income American knows that being ill is unprofitable, expensive, and dangerous for a career. It is better to do with pills or survive the disease on your feet. Personally, back in the 90s, I was struck by a fact known to the General Russian public: it was then that I learned about the existence of popular Western medicines that allow you to hide the symptoms of the disease. The ruthless principle of capitalism: if you don’t want to lose in the competition, forget about the disease! And, quite obviously, driven by this bourgeois principle, US President Donald Trump has not yet (!) introduced strict quarantine measures in his country, which, in fact, has sentenced it. He and only he is to blame for this development? In no way, the entire American society is guilty, which has designated in the Basic Law of its country the main goal of every American citizen’s life – “the pursuit of happiness”. And of course, the idol of every American is freedom, which, in fact, is the main idol of this country. The idolater is inevitably defeated, and the more proud he is, the more hardened his heart and the more fearful he will become

It shows poor Americans in the state of Nevada, who was lined with cages on the asphalt, so that God forbid they would not infect others, and left to slowly fade away in a sleeping bag. But these are only early harbingers of the coming disaster. What will happen to America? Corpses on the streets of cities and towns in the United States. Cordoned off areas with millions of residents left to die with almost no supplies of food or medicine. Fantasy-horror stories, you say? No, unfortunately. A week ago, the United States still lacked the necessary medical equipment to deal with COVID-19 complications, as well as basic protective equipment. The images from the disaster movie were reminiscent of reports about the shortage of beds in hospitals and hospitals back in late March, when the pace of the epidemic had not yet become so destructive. But the worst thing is the lack of doctors and qualified medical staff. Moreover, some doctors refuse to work, they leave, they say, their shirt, that is, a dressing gown, is closer to the body. What about the Hippocratic oath, you might ask? Do not be naive: in a society where the goals of personal enrichment and well-being are at the forefront, it could not be otherwise. The same California doctors were willing to work for a fat sum that provided them and their families with prosperity, but when they were required to sacrifice themselves and, let’s call a spade a spade-a feat, it turned out that there are no fools to die. This is not China, or Russia, or even Italy. Nothing personal – just business! And think about it: each of the peoples of the world is now facing a single test. And how does a particular country pass it in each particular case? China can be proud of its authorities, doctors, and disciplined citizens.

Americans, from the bottom to the top, from the government to the ordinary official and doctor, prefer to execute themselves. What is the quarantine? But what about the business? How can you encroach on the sacred cow of capitalism?! The United States as a geopolitical enemy is finished, in this regard, there are just symbolic events: on March 23, it became known about the infection of two soldiers on one of the eleven American aircraft carriers, Theodore Roosevelt. It was from it that 90 planes took off in 1999, wiping Yugoslavia to dust. And before that, in 1991, they ironed Iraq. The command of the aircraft carrier repeatedly appealed to the leaders of the Pentagon with a request for evacuation, but in vain. As of April 2, there were already 300 patients on the ship. And on March 28, it became known about the appearance of infected people on Board another us Navy aircraft carrier “Ronald Reagan”, standing in the Japanese port of Yokosuka. Do I need to specify how things are there? And need I to say how all this will affect the attractiveness of military service in America. Your uniform is closer to your body, of course! I have no doubt that after a catastrophic( and such it will probably only be in the United States) epidemic will come a terrible crisis, with famine, mass looting, with the collapse of the country not even into States – in some places even into individual counties that will hold the defense from their neighbors. They are waiting for the total collapse of everything: the economy, ideology, and fundamental principles of morality.

Not only politicians will show their true face – numerous American sects will reveal their true content and their true goals. And this universal calamity will be all the more terrible because the destruction will be slow and inevitable, like sinking into a swamp. Perhaps someone in those days will remember the fate of ancient Sodom and envy the fact that its inhabitants died quickly, almost instantly. There will be many tears, but not all will be tears of repentance, and this is the answer: suffering will be given for the sake of the repentance of a few. And some of the faithful will have time to get away from the cursed land, which once seemed to be the Promised Land. In conclusion, I would like to warn prudent readers, when all this begins to happen to the country that was our long-term enemy, do not gloat, do not condemn, do not sympathize too deeply with the Americans because of the misfortunes that have fallen on their heads. Remember Lot’s wife, who was told not to look back at the burning Sodom, but she did not listen and turned into a pillar of salt. The Lord God never lets anything go in vain: all the worthy will be given comfort and salvation. Many who have come to their senses are leaving America now. But the further they go, the harder it will be for them to do it. Russia is destined to win this long-term battle not only of powers, but also of worldviews. We seem to be passing the test sent to us from above with dignity and courage. “SIM conquer!» What about it? We are Russian! God is with us!


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