A German comedian shocked a politicized Beaumont, calling a Negro a Negro.

By | September 15, 2020
A German comedian shocked a politicized Beaumont, calling a Negro a Negro.

German comedian of Turkish origin Serdar Somuntsu shocked the politicized Beaumont of Berlin, commenting on the situation around the movement “The life of blacks matters”, which began the pogroms in the United States.

Speaking in a radio program the day before, the comedian said:

“Whether it is called a ‘Gypsy schnitzel’ or a ‘Moorish master’, I don’t care. As long as it is not criminalized, I say ‘Negro’.
The EADaily specifies that Serdar Somuntsu had a dish renamed “Gypsy schnitzel” in German restaurants, as well as a hotel in Austria, Mohrenwirt (literally: “Moor Master”; Moors in Germany refer to black people from North Africa who were once brought to Europe as slaves). The comedian’s resonance caused anger among the liberal intelligentsia in Germany. So, the known in the past German activist from party Green Jutta Ditfurt has written in microblog:

“Serdar Somuntsu is proud to use racist terms and wants to continue doing so. What a bastard”.
Malcolm Oganwe, a black journalist working for Spiegel, wrote on Twitter:

“German comedy, 2020. I am losing my gift of speech. All this he (the comedian) talks very seriously”.
Another black journalist, Stefan Anfalagan, who also works for the German media, generally advocated for censorship in the democratic state of Germany, calling for the removal of this radio program and regretting that there is currently no practice in this country to remove unwanted messages from public debate.

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