A new record for cable data transmission speed has been set!

By | July 17, 2020

What is the maximum data transfer rate over fiber optic networks? Cutting-edge tech companies keep reporting their achievements and records. It was recently revealed that Infinera has set an outstanding new speed record. Measurements made it possible to fix it at 800 Gbit / s.

At first glance, there is nothing special about this achievement. Such achievements have been recorded before. However, this achievement has a definite value. The fact is that for the first time such a high speed was achieved in real, not in laboratory conditions. If earlier the maximum distance was FOCL no more than 100 kilometers, now high-speed information transfer has been organized on the network section between San Diego and Phoenix, which is 730 kilometers.
A new record for cable data transmission speed has been set!
Laboratory conditions differ markedly from real ones in that telecommunications equipment, amplifying and restoring signals, is not located strictly at certain distances, but as it is convenient, based on the location of settlements. In addition, the experiment allowed us to evaluate the consistency of two new engineering solutions used together.

The first consists of dividing a beam of light into eight streams, each of which carries a separate array of data. The second assumes the “probabilistic formation of the constellation.” As a result, the “service” of each of the 8 streams is more efficient. Both approaches made it possible to achieve such a high speed over such a considerable distance. The next step for Infinera and Windstream will be to develop efficient equipment with similar characteristics for commercial use.

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