A new vaccine against coronavirus will appear in Europe

A new vaccine against coronavirus will appear in Europe

The Tübingen-based pharmaceutical company CureVac expects to receive EU clearance for its coronavirus vaccine in the current quarter. This was stated by the founder of the company, board member Florian von der Mühlbe in an interview published on Wednesday by the media group Funke.

“Our candidate vaccine is in an advanced stage of clinical trials. We look forward to achieving milestones soon, which will then enable emergency access to use in the second quarter, ”said von der Mühlbe.
The founder of CureVac said that the production of the drug is already underway, but “the vaccine will be supplied only after admission.”

“At the same time, we will first confine ourselves to Europe. We intend to produce up to 300 million doses this year, ”von der Mulbe noted.
At the same time, he lamented that “the global supply chains of products for the production of vaccines against Covid-19 are disrupted.” According to him, American suppliers, for example, are “obliged to first cover the needs of the United States” for chemicals, equipment and other goods needed to make drugs against coronavirus.

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Effective protection against coronavirus will require two injections of the vaccine developed by CureVac. Its advantage in comparison, for example, with the drug from the consortium BioNTech and Pfizer, is that the temperature is sufficient for storage and transportation, which is achieved in a conventional refrigerator.

CureVac is working on a coronavirus drug with the Paul Ehrlich Institute for Vaccine and Biomedical Development (PEI). On June 15 last year, the German Ministry of Economy and Energy announced that the German government is investing € 300 million in the development of CureVac.