A nuclear bomb was detonated near China. Or a nuclear fake

A nuclear bomb was detonated near China. Or a nuclear fake

A powerful underwater explosion with radiation was recorded in the South China Sea. First guesses: either a nuclear submarine exploded or a warhead exploded on it

Let’s just say: nothing real in confirmation or refutation of this information Tsargrad was not able to get. Even those worthy people who at one time the author of these lines first reported about the Chelyabinsk meteorite shrug their shoulders. The military sources of Tsargrad, who, as regular readers know, have always been characterized by high confidence of opinions and information, which were shared with our portal, are also incomplete bewilderment.

So let’s just get ahead of ourselves: we will not say anything, but only tell about the incoming reports and share the same perplexities of our very reliable informants.

What happened?
A nuclear bomb was detonated near China. Or a nuclear fake
We don’t know. And messages coming through different channels paint the following picture. At about 2.22 Moscow time today in the South China Sea, there was an explosion with a capacity of 10 to 20 thousand tons in TNT equivalent. Then someone specified that the power was 12 kilotons. After that, there was an increase in the radioactive background on the coast of China and Taiwan Island, as well as in Vietnam and the Philippines. Later Japanese newspaper Ryukyu Simpo reported:

On Monday evening, a resident of the Japanese island of Miyako found a cylinder on the shore with the inscription “uranium fuel rod”. The governor of the prefecture, Dani Tamaki, appealed to the Self-Defense Forces for help. On Tuesday morning, the military, who arrived on the scene, took radiation measurements, but there was no increase in the radioactive background.

All this information in the original source came from a certain Hal Turner Radio Show, which is a radio show, however, already its source of this information marked as “own”.

And now the questions

Let’s agree: all this looks extremely suspicious. First, the source itself. It is a private radio station in the state of New York, USA (1906 Paterson Plank Road, North Bergen, NJ 07047 USA), which works only 5 days a week for half a day, and its owner and supervisor Harod Turner begs for donations from his listeners: “So, every month I have to ask you for financial help to make the project live.”
Radioactive fuel rod found in Japan
And this uncle suddenly learns something that no one else knows about a nuclear explosion in the other hemisphere? Hmm…

At the same time, however, the press service of the Federal Service for Consumer Protection and Human Welfare, as officially called Rospotrebnadzor, was strangely poked about. The message of this agency literally sounds like this:

According to information received from the global environmental monitoring network in the South China Sea, there has been an increase in the level of radiation background in connection with the radiation incident. Rospotrebnadzor has strengthened monitoring of the radiation situation in the surrounding border areas
That is, it must be assumed that there was a certain incident in the global monitoring network that it was recorded? That is, the American uncle from the outskirts of the world is wrong and wrong when advertising himself in such expressions:
"U.S. submarine snatched?": Media reported on a powerful "submarine nuclear explosion" in the South China Sea
You have to pay close attention to what Hal is saying because the federal government is so afraid of his words that you just know he’s telling the truth!

Is it?

But onwards. A Japanese man finds a uranium fuel rod. Some other Monday. On some Tuesday, the Japanese military arrives and checks the radiation background. It is not reported whether they are taking the artifact. But listen, the “uranium nuclear rod” is, in our opinion, the fuel cell of a nuclear reactor, TVEL is otherwise called. What is there to measure, if it is an airtight tube of steel or zirconium alloys, 9 mm diameter and 3837 mm long, filled with tablets of nuclear fuel. In this case, of course, uranium. The weight of this fuel – about one to one and a half kilograms. Let’s ask, if not the Japanese, then the god Neptune, can a one-and-a-half-two-kilogram metal stick four meters long swim on the water from the South China Sea to Japan? At the same time, we will ask the god Janus about her own, stick, time travel from Friday to Monday.

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However, it is not necessary to tear off the gods with rhetorical questions. Comrade Archimedes has been with the jack for two thousand years, and Comrade Einstein answered the second one a hundred years ago. Both cases are a negative answer.

But here we are not in a hurry. The case of the Japanese and TVEL is quite suitable not only in fakes but also as a necessary element of a cover-up of the truth. And in general can be quite an outsider case, hastily attached to the message of a fighter with the regime from distant America.

By the way, the message of Rospotrebnadzor can also be part of the fog of information cover for something that could really happen, but what the military prefers to keep quiet about.
What could be but a fake?

Military sources are said to be shrugging their shoulders. A nuclear explosion? Theoretically, it could be. But, I’m sorry, in reality, it is very difficult to arrange because there are so many levels of protection on the appropriate products. “It is known that the Americans have repeatedly lost atomic bombs, – filled one of the informants. For example, over the Bay of Biscay. Over Spain. Over Greenland. But there has never been a nuclear explosion.”
A nuclear bomb was detonated near China. Or a nuclear fake
Do you have any idea what a nuclear explosion is at a depth of only 50 meters? The expert in the naval sphere asked a question. – Yes, it is a beautiful picture for tens of kilometers around! At the power they say, it has to be the same mushroom as it was in Hiroshima!

Okay, then the nuclear submarine reactor explosion? After all, Chinese and American submarines are constantly snooping around the South China Sea. And couldn’t they, for example, have come across? Or could not in some situations knock one other nuclear torpedo?

In response – again shaking shoulders. Theoretically, this is an imaginable thing. But in practice… In practice, the second assumption can be immediately dismissed: this can not be covered, and an attack on a warship of any country actually means a declaration of war. And in the event of an accidental launch, would we have seen feverish calls, exchange messages, and the movement of top military and diplomatic officials to hush up the incident? not letting it escalate into war.
Powerful "submarine explosion" recorded in South China Sea
As for the first assumption, the reactors, experts say, do not explode like this. With that power. Simply because it is impossible to compress an active substance in them so that its mass becomes critical. The explosion of the reactor is an explosion of a kind of “dirty bomb”. Such as it was in Chernobyl: the explosion is normal, thermal, but as a result of the torn reactor released radioactive substances. Twenty, even ten kilotons for something like that is incredible.
Thus, a conclusion can still be drawn. The way all this information is filed very, very strongly resembles a fake or an inset, which, however, is almost the same. But if reports of radioactive contamination in that area are confirmed, it will be necessary to assume indeed an incident with nuclear weapons or equipment.

In general, wait for a day or two, and something one will open.