A powerful earthquake occurred in Kazakhstan

By | June 6, 2020
A powerful earthquake occurred in Kazakhstan

Shocks in magnitude 6.2 were recorded nearby Almaty. There were no reports of casualties or destruction.
An earthquake of magnitude 6.2 occurred last night in the Alma-Ata region of Kazakhstan. Tremors were felt by residents of the regional center – Taldykorgan – and the country’s largest city – Alma-Ata, the press service of the regional emergency department reported.

According to the agency, tremors were recorded at 06.10 local times, there were no reports of casualties and destruction.

“The epicenter of the earthquake is located 244 km north-east of Alma-Ata, in the mountains, on the territory of the Eskeldinsky district. The energy class of the earthquake is 12.2. Magnitude MPV 6.2,” the report said.

The depth of the outbreak is 25 kilometers. Tremors were felt in Taldykorgan with a strength of four points on the MSK-64 scale, in Alma-Ata – with a strength of about two points.

The Department of Emergency Situations of Almaty Region has notified local executive bodies, the police department, the prosecutor’s office, Kazselezashchita, and other organizations to clarify the situation.

Recall that a few days earlier in Romania recorded an earthquake of 4.4 points.

Before that, an earthquake occurred near the Kuril Islands. Tremors occurred 238 km southwest of the village of Yuzhno-Kurilsk. The hearth lay at a depth of more than 90 kilometers.

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