A resident of India received a valuable gift for her kindness

By | July 22, 2020

The woman’s act got on the video and scattered across social networks, making the Indian woman an Internet star, which led her to unexpected wealth.
A woman from the Indian state of Kerala, whose name is Supriya, saw the old man trying to catch the bus, but could not catch up with him. Besides, the Indian woman noticed that he was blind. Then, she caught up with the departing bus and asked the driver to slow down. Then she personally took the pensioner to the door. This story, on Wednesday, July 22, tells NDTV.

The woman did not even know that her act of kindness got on the cameras of eyewitnesses and in the form of a video scattered across the network.

When a video of Supriya’s good deed was posted by a Twitter user with the nickname Vijayakumar IPS. The video went viral and received two million views, and the woman received “applause” from all over the country. The Indian jewelry magnate Joy Alukkas learned about the kindness of the Indian woman, who decided to thank her for her kind heart. The oligarch found out that the woman does not live in the best-rented room and works in a textile factory. To make Supriya’s life easier, the rich man gave her an apartment.

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