A Russian schoolgirl was raped in a Turkish five-star hotel.

By | September 14, 2020
A Russian schoolgirl was raped in a Turkish five-star hotel.

In one of the five-star hotels in Antalya, a 15-year-old Russian woman, who came to rest with her family, was raped, reports Hürriyet.
According to the newspaper, the rapist was a hotel employee, allegedly a waiter. After the incident, the family asked the hotel manager to call the police, but the management tried to hide the incident in order not to damage the institution’s image.

As a result, the family complained to the prosecutor’s office about the employee and hotel management. The suspect was taken into custody.
In addition, Russian Consul in Antalya Ivan Stepanov intervened in the case – he appealed to the Ministry of Tourism and the Association of Mediterranean Tourist Hoteliers.
At the same time, the hotel management blamed the girl herself for the incident. The hotel representatives distribute their position through local publications.
“The accused has been working with us for four years. He saw a Russian girl kissing another vacationer. Then she stopped the waiter, who was passing by her room, and asked: “Don’t tell your mother. The claim arose exactly after this dialogue,” says Fatma Dogan, the manager.

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