A tool for accurate rapid diagnosis of coronavirus and a cure for it

The fight against coronavirus infection is a global problem that concerns everyone. Scientists, researchers, and engineers in different countries are searching for effective solutions, able to withstand this disaster. There is no doubt that they will be found and the infection will be defeated, according to TOP-NEWS. But each day of waiting brings new news that is full of negativity.

However, there are positive moments. So, just recently it became known that there was a device ID Abbott NOW able to accurately determine the presence of coronavirus. Its main difference from already existing methods of diagnosis that the result can be found for just 5 minutes. Confirmation of a negative diagnosis takes slightly longer for about 13 minutes.

The device is compact – its dimensions do not exceed the dimensions of a household toaster, and the weight is about 3 pounds. The use of a new instrument is possible directly in the office of the therapist and not strictly a specialized laboratory. The manufacturing device ID Abbott NOW has already started and next week you will receive the level of at least 50 000 a day.

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Russian doctors have taken an important step in the fight against coronaviruses – developed methods of treatment using the known drug “Melachim”, previously used in the treatment of malaria. The work of scientists from the Federal medical-biological Agency evaluated their foreign colleagues. In particular, the biologist from the USA Ancha Baranova noted that the use of this drug gives patients more opportunities for recovery, although can not be considered a complete solution.

The expert-the biologist said that the action of the drug, which offers to use Russian doctors can be compared to the “SIP of water” for the runner at the marathon distance. It does not cure the coronavirus but helps the body to mobilize to combat it. It is an occasion for joy – the ill have extra chances to overcome the disease. However, we need new studies in this direction.

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