A Ukrainian citizen tried to enter Russia with a gun.

By | September 9, 2020
A Ukrainian citizen tried to enter Russia with a gun.

Employees of the Rostov customs together with border guards of the Department of the Federal Security Service of Russia in the Rostov region revealed firearms without permission documents to a citizen of Ukraine.

As reported to EADaily by the press service of the Rostov customs, a VOLVO 960 vehicle under the control of a Ukrainian citizen arrived at the customs post of MACP “Gukovo” from the Ukrainian side. In the passenger customs declaration, the man indicated that he was moving a gun and ammunition clips with him. This was confirmed during the customs inspection: under the driver’s seat in a brown holster, an object structurally similar to a gun and two clips with ammunition in the amount of 16 pieces were found.

“The citizen said that the pistol and cartridges were purchased by him on the territory of Ukraine several years ago,” the customs officers said.
The man had a permit to store and carry a weapon, but he was not aware of the need to submit permits for imported goods. Illegally moved weapons were sent to the expert and forensic laboratory.

“In accordance with the current legislation it is prohibited to import service and civil weapons, their main parts and cartridges, as well as bladed weapons without permits issued by the state body that controls the circulation of weapons”, – explains Vladimir Kodua, Acting Head of the customs post of MACP “Gukovo”.

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