A woman during a wedding recognized her long-lost daughter in her son’s bride

A woman during a wedding recognized her long-lost daughter in her son's bride

A resident of the Chinese city of Suzhou, Jiangsu province, during her son’s wedding, recognized his long-lost daughter in his bride. This is reported by The Mirror.

On March 31, during the wedding of her son, a woman noticed a birthmark on his bride’s hand. She was shocked as her daughter had exactly the same stain, which she had lost many years ago.

The Chinese woman approached the bride’s parents and asked if she had been adopted more than 20 years ago. The family was struck by this question, as they kept this fact a secret for a long time. It turned out that once they found a girl on the side of the road. They picked her up and raised her as their daughter.

The bride said that meeting her mother was even happier for her than the wedding itself. The girl was worried about the fact that she was marrying her older brother. Then their mother admitted that she adopted him when she lost hope of finding her missing daughter after years of searching. Thus, there are no obstacles for the wedding, since the bride and groom are not biological relatives.

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This fact calmed the bride down and the wedding continued.

Earlier it was reported that a US resident passed a DNA test donated by her brother, which helped her reveal a family secret. She posted the test on the social network and explained: “It was a surprise for me, because I always thought that my father was my father. But after talking with my mother and father, it turned out that this is not the case. My biological father is a certain Willie Williams, ”the woman said.