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By | October 16, 2019


The online edition “TOP-NEWS” was created to display a real and objective news picture of the day for our readers. “TOP-NEWS” does not cooperate with state structures and other organizations that can influence the opinion of authors, thereby distorting the news feed of the site, and as a result, distortion in the objective vision of the picture of the day. The author’s team of the information service “TOP-NEWS” does not impose its point of view on readers, but asks to respect our opinion and our view of the world. Publications of the information service “TOP-NEWS” are urgent news, analytics, versions of events, investigations, it is up-to-date information from the fastest information service of the United States. The materials of the news agency are distributed on this website. Citation, full or partial copying of publications is permitted, but only if there is a direct hyperlink to the material.